Protect Your Rights

How Closing Your Real Estate Sale at a Law Office Protects You from Mistakes

Too many of us give little thought to the location where our real estate closings take place. In the state of South Carolina whether you are making your first real estate transaction or you are an experienced investor, closing your real estate sale under the supervision of an attorney is not only required by law in most cases, but makes the process go more smoothly.

Protect Your Rights

In a purchase transaction, the closing agent or attorney is selected by the purchaser.While very few lenders deliberately try to mislead real estate buyers, costly mistakes can happen. An experienced real estate attorney can catch innocent mistakes while defending you from deliberate errors.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Closing your real estate sale at a law office allows you to stage the closing in a truly neutral environment. With your own attorney present to spot problems and to reinforce your decisions, you can feel much more confident about closing on your new property.

Prevent FSBO Woes

Many real estate buyers and sellers use the For Sale By Owner process to save money on real estate agent fees. While you might be able to sell or buy a home on your own, trying to draft the contract or close your transaction without the help of an attorney can expose you to major problems. Closing your real estate sale at a law office gives you the opportunity to have all forms and contracts reviewed by experienced professionals. Simple mistakes like blank lines on boilerplate contracts can put you in financial risk. Therefore, a trip to your attorney’s office is an essential step in any FSBO transaction.

Subject: York County SC Real Estate Law

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes, and it should not be relied upon as legal advice.