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Title Search, Review & Opinion

Our attorneys and title abstractors conduct a search of the public record to verify whether your property has any title defects or judgments/liens placed against it.  A title search provides us with a chain of ownership and confirms the current owner.  Our attorneys will then review the title search and provide you with an “opinion” that reflects the findings.  Should any defects or liens be found, our office can assist you in clearing them and confirming you have marketable title.

  • Title Commitment

Our office offers both owners and lenders title insurance policies.  It is customary for both of these types of policies to be issued in conjunction with purchases and refinances.  Our office will provide a title opinion in the form of a title commitment to provide the anticipated insured with their anticipated coverage.

  • Title Insurance

Title insurance is highly recommended.  It protects your claim to ownership in your property against the adverse claims of others.  Receiving title insurance is customary when you purchasing a home.  The insurance premium is a one-time cost, covers you up to your purchase price, and protects you for as long as you own the property.  We also offer lender’s title insurance to protect the lenders’ interest in the collateral should an adverse claim be made against the lender challenging the priority of its lien.  The lender’s title policy provides coverage up to the loan amount.

  • Survey Coverage

Generally speaking, to be able to obtain survey coverage in a title policy, a new “as built” survey is required.  There are exceptions to this rule, so check with your closing attorney if this issue comes up.

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